Lucifer's Valet


Posted in Made Things by lucifersvalet on 20 April 2011

Professor does smoke-bubble business.

Professor does leg business.

Hives exits with table. Professor sits at table.

Ravelli indicates whether or not he wishes the card.


Posted in Made Things, My Back Pages by lucifersvalet on 1 April 2011

Today is my straw day. My sleeves are stuffed with it. I saw Cathy K for a moment at the B of A, talking to someone else. I said “hi” & answered the “how’re ya doin’?” question & walked on, with the “Theme from Exodus” going through my head, as if a piano roll put the measure to my machine mind.


UPDATE: The Problem of Allusion, or, too much cultural embededdness sinks the poem.  Viz. would any reader younger than I (& most of them are) know Ferrante & Teicher?