Lucifer's Valet


Posted in Made Things, My Back Pages by lucifersvalet on 17 August 2011

I am at a party at Steve Marriott’s, though he might also be some friend from high school. The Rolling Stones are there. I end up in a room alone w/Marianne Faithfull, & we kiss for a long time. Later I end up in a room w/Bianca Jagger, kissing, though she looks more like Jerry Hall. She might also be Mick. He, by the way, wins some party game & makes everyone sing a chorus from some song over & over. I comment to Marriott about how competitive he is. Marriott then explains how on a 45 the groove that leads into the song has to have its treble suppressed, whereas on  an LP the tracks between the songs have to have the bass suppressed. Or is it the other way around?



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