Lucifer's Valet


Posted in Made Things by lucifersvalet on 10 January 2012

in a hot box

Gilgamesh & Enkidu &

Evangaline of the steel-blond tresses


The nous of Gilgamesh, glandular wit,

the nous of Enkidu that puts out the lights,

the nous of Evangeline, like the patience of bakelite,

puddles on the skin

to evaporate.

On terraced cedar boards

they are by the 1st shell,

the film of sweat, anointed.

& they cast this shell and the 2nd shell,

their moist breath, these shells

of their comely forms, into the hot box

to writhe & knot in the air,

Gilgamesh & Enkidu,

girt in beastskin board shorts, &

Evangeline, girt in a Jantzen onepiece,

quiet w/breath stilled by heat,

Gilgamesh & Enkidu &

Evangeline stilled

in the cedar-thick heat,

Gilgamesh & Enkidu &

Evangaline, forever.