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The concept of striving traps the ego inside the circle of its own consciousness, so that it knows either itself or nothing.

Frederick Beiser

To be fair, Beiser is recounting the young romantics’ critique of Ficthe. But still, doesn’t it sound true?



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At first I was like,

Look at me! Look how smart I am! I’m a master of minutiae! I’m the smartest jackass of all of you!

But then I was like,

But your joke erases an exquisite distinction! a precious detail, the kind of negligible, ephemeral, tiny thing that life as it was lived was made of! If no one remembers that detail, then that life is gone forever.


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Chilton said to Robert Gordon, “Most of the Big Star stuff was searching for how to get through two verses without saying anything really stupid….” (John Jeremiah Sullivan)

Wittgenstein seemed to be operating by a similar principle. He wrote many book’s-worth of stuff, but only found less than a hundred pages that were sufficiently not stupid to publish before he died.

Similar scruples in a less talented writer leads to long silences.


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“The dawn was contagious, spreading rapidly about the heavens.”

“The road was narrow, white, old, hard and scarred with shadows.”