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in a hot box

Gilgamesh & Enkidu &

Evangaline of the steel-blond tresses


The nous of Gilgamesh, glandular wit,

the nous of Enkidu that puts out the lights,

the nous of Evangeline, like the patience of bakelite,

puddles on the skin

to evaporate.

On terraced cedar boards

they are by the 1st shell,

the film of sweat, anointed.

& they cast this shell and the 2nd shell,

their moist breath, these shells

of their comely forms, into the hot box

to writhe & knot in the air,

Gilgamesh & Enkidu,

girt in beastskin board shorts, &

Evangeline, girt in a Jantzen onepiece,

quiet w/breath stilled by heat,

Gilgamesh & Enkidu &

Evangeline stilled

in the cedar-thick heat,

Gilgamesh & Enkidu &

Evangaline, forever.



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I am at a party at Steve Marriott’s, though he might also be some friend from high school. The Rolling Stones are there. I end up in a room alone w/Marianne Faithfull, & we kiss for a long time. Later I end up in a room w/Bianca Jagger, kissing, though she looks more like Jerry Hall. She might also be Mick. He, by the way, wins some party game & makes everyone sing a chorus from some song over & over. I comment to Marriott about how competitive he is. Marriott then explains how on a 45 the groove that leads into the song has to have its treble suppressed, whereas on  an LP the tracks between the songs have to have the bass suppressed. Or is it the other way around?



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Professor does smoke-bubble business.

Professor does leg business.

Hives exits with table. Professor sits at table.

Ravelli indicates whether or not he wishes the card.

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Today is my straw day. My sleeves are stuffed with it. I saw Cathy K for a moment at the B of A, talking to someone else. I said “hi” & answered the “how’re ya doin’?” question & walked on, with the “Theme from Exodus” going through my head, as if a piano roll put the measure to my machine mind.


UPDATE: The Problem of Allusion, or, too much cultural embededdness sinks the poem.  Viz. would any reader younger than I (& most of them are) know Ferrante & Teicher?


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enrolled me in the album of your academy

He is the Magus as doctor, operating not only on his patient’s bodies but on their imaginations.

Alma Venus, with whom we walk in the green and flowery meadows, drinking the sacred air laden with spiritus

lean down through the armature of the spheres, tear open their envelopes

a way of dying called the Death of the Kiss

A compass was not a compass but a heiroglyph.